Texas Road Rage Incidents

Texas Road Rage Incidents are not new. Road rage incidents occur as a result of people failing to keep their calm. As a result people argue to the extent of turning violent. One of the Texas Road Rage Incidents is the one that involved a woman and three men. This incident was clearly captured in camera, and its incident sent to online social media sites.

The video captures a woman arguing with two men in a white car. A woman looked enraged by something and as a result there was a heated argument. The woman was accompanied by a truck driver. The truck driver repeatedly tries to separate the woman from the two men. The driver seems to have succeeded when the woman and the men looked somehow at ease with each other. The driver then went to pick something on the truck. Although the argument went on, there was nothing to suggest that it will turn ugly.

It caught everyone by surprise when the driver sped past the white car. The woman was surprised to see the man speed and leave her. The driver, though, stopped just a few meters ahead of the car of the two men. The woman then comes back to the two men, who had gone back to their car. The woman then seems to speak with the man on the right hand side of the car. When the woman finally leaves, the man throws a bottle of juice at her. This enrages both the woman and the truck driver she was with. The woman seemed to shout at the two men when the truck driver came and kicked the grill of the car of the two men.

The kicking of the grill seemed to anger the two men a lot. Without notice, the two men erupted from the car and went after the truck driver. One man jumped and started kicking the truck driver. The other man also joined by kicking the man. The two men seemed to overpower the truck driver. The woman on the other hand started to shout. She seemed afraid that the truck driver will be overwhelmed by the two men. Even as she shouted she threw herself in the middle of the fight. The two men seemed to respect her for sometime before one punched her on the neck. The punch from the man seemed intentional rather than accidental.

When things calmed down a little bit, the woman seemed to have injured her right leg. The two men retreated to their car. The truck driver and woman boarded their vehicle. When everyone thought that they are going to go peacefully, the truck driver reversed, accelerated and hit the white car of the two men. The impact of the hit left the front side of the white care damaged. After hitting the car the truck driver sped off. The two men also sped towards the direction of the truck.

The incident happened in May 2016, and all the involved parties have been interviewed. It is always good for one to realize that road rage can result into many injuries and problems. People ought to be careful not to go overboard when dealing with others. Remember, you may never know the temperament of the other partner. Stay calm and be safe.